Movember 2017

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Throughout the month of November our fraters raised around $1,500 to support men’s health. Fraters Ian McLoughlin, Histor Christopher Hamilton, Devon Bowen, Epi-Hegemon Raymond Alosky, Nick Doiron, Epi Prytanis Masaki Carty, Christian Hermann, Hegemon Skyler Baker, Christian Pedersen, and Matthew LaPrade all grew out a mustache and worked online to gain funds for the Movember foundation. In the season of giving, we live by the virtue of Charity and encourage others to do so. Thank you to everyone who donated to our cause, your generosity goes a long way.

TKE in a Box 2017!

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This week we kick off our fundraising event, TKE in a Box! The brothers of Lambda Sigma will be spending the rest of this week on the Student Center lawn raising money for 100 Nights Homeless Shelter and canned food for the Keene Community Kitchen inside a large cardboard box, built by hand with supplies generously donated by Home Depot of Keene. We have warm beds, roofs over our heads, and heat; this week, we work for those who do not. Please help us support those in need by stopping by and donating to our cause.

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Alumni Football Game

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This weekend we were delighted to have our alumni come down and play in our annual flag football game. The active brothers ended up winning in the end with a lead of two touchdowns, but only after a fierce and competitive game by our alumni. The game was followed by a cookout and catch up session, where actives and alumni were able to connect and bond. Thank you to all the fraters who helped make this weekend so special.

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Province Forum 2017

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On Saturday, September 29th, some of our fraters and members of our newest pledge class, Pi, went to University of New Hampshire to attend Province Forum. Province Forum is an event where many chapters of TKE come together to learn on how to better themselves. Some of the panels went over topics such as risk management, Q&A with past “Top TKE” chapters, and on how to operate rush. At the end, all attendees were addressed by Grand Epiprytanis, frater Dr. James Hickey, on how to build a “Championship Culture”, and were then sat down to a meal prepared by none other than frater Buckwheat Perry. Province Forum was not only informative, but it was quite fun as well. Lambda Sigma hopes to return next year!

Fall Rush 2017!

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So far we’ve had an amazing rush! We’ve met extraordinary young men who have come to our events. This year our rush chairs, Devon Bowen and John Nedeau have set up these amazing events and we hope to see even more people come out tonight and Thursday for final signs! Check the recruitment page for the dates, and remember we meet in front of the Mason library at 9:30PM!

Join the Fraternity for Life – TKE

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We are announcing the following dates for our Spring Semester Rushes. Come meet the members of TKE, find out about our great organization and how TKE might be the right choice for you. Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1899 and has been at Keene State since 1968.  49 years of excellence, brotherhood, and a lifetime of friendships and memories for our 700+ members. We are looking for hard working, outgoing, motivated new members to join our organization. We are the oldest Fraternity at Keene State,  have a quality Alumni Association that provides excellent networking opportunities after college and social events throughout your lifetime, and are committed to making your experience at Keene State the best it can be. Don’t just join an organization for 4 years when you can join the Fraternity for Life – TKE!

Spring 2016 Rush Dates:

Monday January 30th: Slideshow night – Meet the members of TKE

Tuesday January 31st: Dodgeball Night

Wednesday February 1st: Dollar Bowling Night

Monday February 6th: Video Game Brawl

Tuesday February 7th: Financials – Poker and Cigars

Friday February 10th: Final Sign

Saturday February 11th: Invite Only

Rush TKE

Happy Founders Day

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Happy Founders Day …. Settles, McNutt, Mayer, Truitt, & Atkinson started something great at Wesleyan University Jan 10th, 1899…69 years later the following men thought it was a pretty good idea to bring TKE to Keene State.

Founders Day
Paul R. Charpentier, Thomas N. Richard, George A. Biron, Jr.
Sumner P. Harris, George W. Nostrand, John L. Mizoras
Barry D. Osborn, John B. Kolb, William A. Marcello
John B. Bowman, Edward F. Forbush, Richard F. Frain
Steven P. Groves, Robert W. Heartz, Kenneth W. Leafe
Richard C. Lecuyer, Joel D. McKenna, Lee M. Richard
James Vinciguerra, Nicholas G. Zoulias, David S. Cherwin
Raymond A. Croteau, Richard C. Di Meco, Walter J. Dwinnells
Paul G. Huard, Thomas W. Kelliher, Alex Mavrogeorge
Sean R. McGivern, Jeffrey A. McLynch, Donald R. Nelson
Dennis J. Bosse, Robert H. Ross, Edward Stokel, Jr.
Peter N. Tucker, Stephen A. Whipple, John W. Wright, III
Stanley M. Zankowski, Bryan K. Abbot, Gerald J. Birch
Philip L. Boonisar, Ronald B. Comeau, Charlie M. Davis
Henry A. Parkhurst, Joseph A. Forseze, David A. Giles
Peter E. Guay, Marshall J. Barrett, Jr., John A. Landry
Paul T. Lapotosky, Douglas P. Leavitt, Alan M. Maistrosky
Brian M. Moul, James V. Moylan, Jr., Paul T. Pouliot
Dudley B. Purbeck, Jr., Kevin J. Rafferty, Richard M. Roy
George C. Skilogianis,Mark E. Taylor, Richard B. Uncles
Ronald R. Vallee, Donald A. Van Uden, Armand E. Vien
Bruce A. Waldo, Bruce A. Watson, Brian A. Richardson
Edward C. Oleson, Jr., Harold A. Goder, Gary L. Rush
Founders Day Charter

Alumni/Chapter Flag Football Challenge

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Earlier this year at our annual Alumni reunion weekend we challenged our Alumni Association to a friendly game of flag football. It was a hard fought match but ultimately ended in a tie when our alumni called it from being too exhausted. This past weekend we had the rematch, and this time it was for all the marbles…..the TKE Grenade Trophy! Again it was a tight game throughout but sadly the Alumni prevailed. The next time we meet will be at our Alumni reunion event on October 14th 2017…..We want that trophy! Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for everyone who has supported us over the past year and for football. We can’t forget about football.

Alumni and Chapter enjoying the day playing a match of Flag Football with Alumni Jake Sharkey displaying the hardware won by the Alumni Association.

Alumni chapter flag football

TKE In a Box 2016

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With TKE In A Box ending today we would like to thank everyone for their generosity this week. The members of TKE are proud to say that we have raised over 330 canned goods and over $550 that will all be donated to the The Community Kitchen and Hundred Nights!

We would also like to thank our sponsor Home Depot for helping and supporting us in this event. They helped us out with the materials and tools needed in order to make this all possible. If you are looking for any home related help or need a place with great customer service, the fine folks over at Home Depot in Keene are more than qualified to help.

TKE Box 2016 1TKE Box 2016 2

The fruits from our TKE in A Box Labor. FraterChasse on the left and Frater Keady on the right delivering over 335 canned food goods to The Community Kitchen. We would like to thank all of the Greek organizations that generously donated to our cause.

TKE Box 2016 3

Dropped off our check to Hundred Nights homeless shelter! We can’t stress enough how grateful we are for everyone who helped to contribute to the $550 that we were able to donate, as well as all the canned goods donated to the Community Kitchen!